Companies participate in the development of the École Centrale of Marseille by choosing the partnership that suits them. Several different types of collaboration are possible.

How to become a Partner

For ECM, as for all Grandes Ecoles, the development of relationships with enterprises is a key element in its academic strategies. In addition, these business partners are potentially the future employers of ECM students and, for this reason, having strong links with the world of business is essential. However, this is not the only objective since developing partnerships with enterprises can be seen as part of a much deeper and richer form of participation.

Collaboration with enterprises can take many different forms. First, they not only have access to a pool of young talented engineers but also to expertise and to research and development. In addition, businesses can also enhance their image by working with ECM and by contributing to its diversity campaigns. For ECM, these partnerships allow students to benefit from the experience of professional engineers through visits and internships. It also facilitates access to financial resources through apprenticeship taxes and the Centrale Initiative Foundation. These are the underlying principles behind our wide-ranging and structured programme for collaboration with enterprises.

Enterprise in Centrale Marseille

Companies are actively involved in Centrale Marseille’s policies through their membership of its committees (Board of Directors, Scientific Council, Studies Committee).

In addition, business and industry constitute one pillar of the Centrale Marseille programme: through internships and projects during Years 1 and 2, and immersion for research allowing students in prepare their Final Dissertation.

Business professionals also participate in Centrale Marseille courses with lectures and course leadership, particularly in Year 3. Each year, enterprises are invited to make a presentation of their activities and students are provided with opportunities to visit industrial sites.

Companies also contribute to Centrale Marseille’s activities in several other ways: they provide support for activities with associations, meet students through forums, round tables and seminars organized by the students.

4 good reasons to become a Centrale Marseille partner

  • to establish a close and privileged relationship with our students as a way of present your sector and your business activities.
  • To promote your business image with our students and in the whole Centrale Marseille community (lecturers, laboratories, etc.)
  • To optimize your future recruitment of engineers
  • To strengthen your links with our research laboratories and benefit from their expertise.

There are several options for collaboration between your company and Centrale Marseille

SUPPORT: first contacts with Centrale Marseille,

ACCESS PROGRAMME: sponsor a course, become associated with a specialized programme, have access to a specific target group.

PREMIUM: optimize recruitment, contribute to Centrale Marseille’s future strategy, develop links with research laboratories, have access to the student corpus. 

GEC Partnerships

In 2011, ECM has joined the Ecoles Centrales of Lille and Nantes in the Centrale Initiatives Foundation and, this time with the Ecoles Centrales of Lyon and Nantes, the limited company Centrale Innovation. In addition, ECM and the Ecoles Centrales of Lille and Nantes are working together on a common initiative for partnerships with enterprises, some companies having expressed a strong interest in global and coordinated agreements that draw on a very wide range of skills. Obviously the synergies generated by these forms of collaboration are very dynamic. Thanks to these initiatives, ECM introduced programmes for ‘apprentice engineers’ and Specialized Masters degrees in 2013. 

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